Sugarlump and the Unicorn

Words by Julia Donaldson| Illustrations by Lydia Monks

This book is about: a magical unicorn who is able to make any horse’s wish come true. Sugarlump the rocking horse is not content with what he has. He wishes to go out in the wild, to gallop, to dance and have some fun. Whatever he wishes, the unicorn makes it come true. But having experienced all that he thought was more exciting, Sugarlump wishes to revert to what he was.


We like this book: for its rhyming words. Julia Donaldson’s books are a joy to read aloud. Three-year-old LX enjoys rhymes and they really stick in her head. After a few reads, she catches on to the repetitions and chimes in at those parts. But she doesn’t quite get the plot, not seeming to understand why Sugarlump goes from being a rocking horse to working on a farm and then performing in a circus. I totally enjoy the story though, as it reminds one about the importance of contentment. Children’s books are good for adult souls.

Our favourite lines: “Gallop-a-jump, gallop-a-jump, this is the life for me!”/ “Seven times she turned around, and the horse’s wish came true.”

Bonus: The sparkly, glittery book cover adds to the mystical feel of the pretty unicorn with the twisted horn and her eyes of blue.


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